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“There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul.”  

    Some books accomplish their plenitude of excellence and mysticism by exemplifying the most hateful and vilest beings ever met. How could an evil man become a saint one? The bad man, while experiencing another man's kindness, feel astounded by finding out that there is some goodness in this world. Then he sees his own moral misery, and is going to heal his soul.

     The eternal war between good and evil, the great spirit of people - this is the quintessence of Victor Hugo. This respectable man's writings, their meditative, melancholic character gave me a lucent vision of the world. If you don't understand, visit the Luxembourg Garden with Marius, and the trees will grow leafier for you, and the birds will sing more beautiful. See how Mr. Gillenormand missed his grandson, and you will feel blessed about the amount of love between them.


​     There is nothing black and white in "Les Misérables". Some pages are gloomy and cold, another  are true pearls of grandeur, another - historical, philosophical and social essays. And the thing of magnificent, splendid Paris with its abstruse streets, tremendous buildings and turbulent Seine! Although Hugo doesn't show his liking for describing monumental buildings (like he does in "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame"), he mentions some of them (Notre-Dame Cathedral, Palais de Justice) so during reading I felt their presence nearby and enjoyed it.

    "Les Misérables" is a book about searching for humanity and a perfect society idea, but you can obtain a lot more from it. The novel, like raging sea, is hard to cross, and very, very deep. It is a book-human, it lives its own life. An immortal masterpiece worth hours of contemplation. MASTERPIECE.

“The future has several names. For the weak, it is impossible; for the fainthearted, it is unknown; but for the valiant, it is ideal.”  

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Grimes new album called Art Angels

Don’t you know who is Grimes?

 She is a really talented young painter and musician from Canada. Her real name is Claire Boucher, she has released three albums so far. 
With every each album she has created also a series of paintings. Her artistic creation is eccentric and really unusual in a good way
I’ve chosen to put her in this part of our blog because she is more likely to be recognized as an artist than a singer, so her creation rather belongs to Art Heart than music. That’s only for the explanation of the choice. 
Of course , I will show you some of her paintings and music, you can find it below. Her new album came out October 2015 and it is available in music stores either vinyl or  CD format.

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Introduction to another dimension

  This is not an advertisement. It is the speech of man with unhumanoid friends - books. Yes, those dusty little creatures are like dogs, you know. They are equally reliable and understanding. But a book doesn't need a walk, does it?
  The man speaking here has got some experience. Maybe not much, but quite enough to know this: reading books is like lucid dream with no logical frames. Time, reality, human mind and one's personal senses are astonishingly shape-shifting, growing into multi-dimensional journey to everywhere and nowhere. 
  Sounds bizarre? Crazy? Or maybe encouraging?
  Sure. Thinking through that man's words is enough to be curious. He has already told you about the thing of travelling, but forgot to give you benefits, that clumsy guy he is. Probably he is just overwhelmed by the multiple number of reading advantages. Here are some:
- your vocabulary becomes vast
- you start thinking more analytical and logical
- you develop your memory
- you improve your concentration
- your talking and writing become a thing of epic or even poetry
- you reduct stress
- you expanse your knowledge
- you escape the sadness, routine and boredom
- you notice the increase of imagination, creativity and sensitivity
  What is more wonderful, you probably saw the comparison between 90's and today, when now a standard cell phone is the compilation of many other gadgets, such as calculator, camera, computer, MP3 player etc. I highly doubt that every book is an underrated compilation of some peculiar, fictional inventions, for example a time machine, a transporter. As you see, those special but unreal masterpieces are certainly available for us. Come to think of it.
  Now, to conclude the speech, I want to gift you with these inspiring quotes:
-"Once you learn to read you will be forever free." - Frederick Douglass
-"Books are a uniquely portable magic." - Stephen King
-"There is no friend as loyal as a book." - Ernest Hemingway
-"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one." - George R.R. Martin
-"We read to know we're not alone." - William Nicholson

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Liar: The pope of arts. Jakub Ćwiek

The newest part in the series about the nordic god of lies Loki. This time our main character has to assail the new enemy. Desiderius Crane, self-proclaimed god of pop culture may became one of the most dangerous opponents. Will Loki defeat such almighty antagonist with powers that are possibly greater than his? I hope you'll check it by yourself.
As a fan of Loki's adventures I can promise that you won't get bored. Full of action fable, smart writing style with many humoristic extracts make this book interesting reading. This story beyond the major thread shows also a process of    becoming a god by the example of Marcus Lester, the popular TV serial actor. Once again we can see the author's great facility for short stories and many connections to other culture's works. If you want to understand whole this book I advise you to read the first and second part of this series, because it makes a better view on action and behavior of characters.
This book really appeals to me and I believe that you'll enjoy it like I do.

Sherlock Holmes.Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

" A Study in Scarlet " is a detective mystery novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This is the first book about adventures of the Word's Greatest Detective and his friend and chronicler. In " A Study in Scarlet " the author introduces the characters of " consulting detective " Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson . We can see how they meet and how they become the best friends. The book is divided into two parts. In the first one protagonists are investigating two unusual murder cases in London. Due to Holmes's incredible abilities the mystery is hurriedly solved. In the other part of the book the story goes back a couple of years. We get to know the life story of the murderer and the motive of his criminal acts. " A Study in Scarlet " is a fascinating and engaging story which is really effortless to read. It's a really unputdownable book , it has to be read at one sitting. I think everybody should read that story because of a geninue mystery , it is full of suprising questions which are begging for answers and because of great friendship between two completely different men. In my opinion everybody should know the character of Sherlock Holmes because it wasn't without a reason he bacame the best known character in literature. In this book you will find everything that a story needs to be remembered : amazing main characters, a lot of action , mysteries and amusing and emotional moments. I don't consider " A Study in Scarlet " as the best of Holmes stories but it deserves special attention because of its role in introducing of the main characters. This is the book which I can with a good conscience recommend to everyone.

The exhibition of human bodies- vanguard art or insane idea

Exhibition called “BODY WORLDS & The Cycle of Life by dr. Gunther von Hagens is a new controversy, which came to Poland. Now we can see Body Worlds in Wrocław’s Magnolia Park until December 24th. It shows us “the circle of life” like the name says- humans life from the day of birth to old age and its details (like skeletal or cardiovascular systems). The reason why exhibition aroused such an argument is the fact, that all exhibits are real bodies- von Hagens used bodies of his fans who gave him an ability to do it and then using method of plastination (changing water in body into acetone, which makes it stiff and able to work with). 

This exhibition was not allowed to be showed in many countries, for example  Israel.
Unfortunately mrs Mołdysz didn't allow us to put any pictures of exhibition here because of sensitive people's safety, but you can easily find them on  Internet.


I think everyone knows The Lord of The Rings trilogy- this is my favourite movie. It’s based on the story by J.R.R. 
Tolkien and the film is made by Peter Jackson.
I’ve watched this many times and I think that my favourite part is The Fellowship of The Ring.
The story is about the war in land called Middle-Earth. It brings us to the world full of fantasy, strange creatures, fight, great friendship and brotherhood.
My favourites characters are Treebeard and Mery and when it comes to the actors -Ian McKellen was the best.
The Lord of The Rings characters are very brave and we can learn a lot from them. They protect each other and are able to risk their life for the good of the kingdom.  Even if the world is full of darkness they can find strength and light.
In my opinion it’s hard not to cry during this film, especially on the last part. Sometimes I wish I was born in world of The Lord of The Rings.

Reading – the best weapon against winter.

A winter is coming soon. The only think we want to do, is staying in bed and watching our favourite  TV series. But I have another  “line of defence” against  cold, lazy days of November.  I’d like to strongly recommend a book, which enraptures you from its first page. Have you ever felt happiness, while reading a horror story? If not – read “Pet Sematary” by a writer of distinction – Stephen King.
A book was written in 1983 in United States. Only one year later was nominated for a World Fantasy Award for Best Novel. The only conclusion from all of this is, that book MUST BE great. Therefore it became a bestseller so fast.
Louis Creed, a doctor from Chicago, moves to a large house near the small town of Ludlow with his wife Rachel, their two young children, Ellie and Gage, and Ellie's cat, Church. A family seems to be happy – young Ellie goes to preschool, Louis became close friend with his neighbour – Jud Crandall an elderly man, who definitely hides something.

A Creed’s family is very happy, doesn’t care about a little creepy cemetery in vicinity.  But – by the time when Church dies. Louis entombs a body of cat in the cemetery and until the next afternoon after death of an animal the cat returns home. But it is obvious that Church is not the same as before. Creeds’ life is not the same too…
I was really captivated by this story. Stephen King created very interesting and original characters.  I was so absorbed in this book, that I couldn’t stop reading. “Pet Sematary” has a very intense plot filled with drama and… love. Yes. Because everything what happens there, is caused by love.
A writer has expanded style of writing. You can find there many funny descriptions of family gatherings (Louise and his father-in-law don not like each other) or moments where atheist tries to explain a young girl the meaning of life.
In conclusion I want recommend it again. If you cannot stand greek dramas - this book is for you! It will make your feelings very MIXED. I can provide it. For me it is certainly one of the best books from Stephen King.

Przemysław Kata.

METALLICA, AC/DC, SLIPKNOT, MÖTLEY CRÜE, GUNS N' ROSES Members React To Paris Terrorist Attacks

Members of METALLICA, AC/DC, KISS, SLIPKNOT, MÖTLEY CRÜE, GUNS N' ROSES are among the musicians who have reacted with shock and pledges of solidarity for France following the killing of scores of people in attacks in Paris on Friday night. Some of their views can be seen below.
Myles Kennedy:
My heart aches for the victims of tonight's attack and the good people of Paris. Sending love to all…
To the people of France: We are saddened by today's horrific events. We are praying for you in this time of tragedy.
Mortified by the horrific events in Paris. Our thoughts & prayers go out to all the innocent victims…
We mourn this tragic loss of life and stand with the world to salute your joie de vivre. Paix.

The worst of tonight's carnage occurred at the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL concert at the Bataclan hall, where at least 80 were killed. More than 1,000 people were inside the hall at the time of the rampage. A journalist who was at the concert there escaped and told CNN: "I found myself inside the concert hall when several armed individuals burst in, in the middle of the concert. Two or three men, without masks, came in with Kalashnikov-type automatic weapons and began shooting blindly at the crowd ... it lasted 10, 15 minutes. It was extremely violent and there was a wave of panic. Everyone was running in all directions towards the stage. It was a stampede and even I was trampled on. I saw a lot of people hit by bullets. The gunmen had loads of time to reload at least three times. They weren't masked; they knew what they were doing; they were very young."
Michael Dorio, brother of EAGLES OF DEATH METAL drummer Julian Dorio, said he spoke to Julian about 20-30 minutes after the attack. "He said he had been performing and heard the gunshots. They stopped playing and hit the deck and went backstage and exited," Michael told CNN.

Ida Górecka,Karolina Buda 

In our school, in class “II a” of gymnasium we have a student who is sick of cancer. As we know, this kind of sickness is connected with serious problems with health and the cure for this disease is still not entirely available. But we – the whole school, especially class “II a” are not losing hope. We want to help at every possible way, we won’t give up without fight. As we know, the treatment of cancer is an expensive case, but we believe that together we’ll collect some money to help Kuba’s family. “II a” organized an auction where we were able to find books, movies and stuff which was done by students and our teacher Anna Olbińska (for example bracelets, necklaces) and more. All money will be spent on Kubas' treatment. Today we don’t know how much exactly we collected, but in our point of view the auction was a good idea, on every break between lessons we could see a lot of people around the auction. Our next step will be concert on 4th of December ,2015 in our assembly hall where people from school and not only will show their talents, so this event is going to be full of surprises. We hope that a lot of people will come to watch our skills and to help Kuba. The list of people who will take part at concert IS STILL OPEN. So if you want to help and also show something fascinating - the deadline was 23rd , November of 2015 - you can still join the people who agreed to perform on our school stage to help Kuba. Just contact 2ag or their teacher. If you want to help in another way, next to the time table you can find a number account of foundation “Na Ratunek”. We believe, that the number of people who want to support Kuba and his family will be still growing. With your help everything can be possible!!!!!!!!!!!

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