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“THE MAN WHO LAUGS” – the tale of a Goddess, a Human, an Animal, and a rich joker by VICTOR HUGO

Dea dying
     „If  only one could get out of a grief as one gets out of a city!”

Sometimes I feel abandoned, frightened, all in pain. Then I think there is no hope for me. Something lays down upon my chest, it crushes my heart. In such moment only pain embraces me, while the whole world fades, then I know I am wandering in the deepest of griefs.

Gwynplaine showing his face to the crowd
During reading this painful, sorrowful book I felt like that all the time. Loneliness, a physical and emotional pain. Can you imagine such a perfect book that it gives you all kinds of pain? Yes, here it is. Not only pain, no… a cosmic spirit of the passing centuries. People do not change as centuries past. I realized it.

I can honestly say I feel like that novel is a part of my soul. In such moments I even start believing in God. Powerful. I don’t believe that there exists a better book than this one. But what’s it about?

Gwynplaine and Dea sleeping
Gwynplaine in unbearable pain

“The wolf had thought the man what he knew – to do without a roof, without bread and fire, to prefer hunger in the woods to slavery in a palace.”

We have a little boy travelling with Comprachicos, which in Spanish means “children trade”. They  abduct or buy children in order to deform them and then sell them. The boy, Gwynplaine, has a wide smile cut through his face. The child merchants abandon Gwynplaine in a port town. He walks through ice, snow and dark streets. He encounters a frozen young woman with a yet alive child on her chest, which he saves. He tries hard to get under any roof, but the town is not hospitable for him. The only hope for him is a little carriage with a wolf guarding it.

Gwynplaine in the House of Lords
There lives an old, lonely misanthrope  - Ursus – in Latin it means “a bear”. He considers himself an Animal. The wolf beside the carriage is Homo – “a human”. Ursus takes the children and brings them up. The little girl that Gwynplaine had saved called her Dea – “ a goddess”, as in the novel she represents the superior forces of the world.

Hardquanonne's torture chamber

„The paradise of the rich is made out of the hell of the poor.”
We find here the question of poverty and injustice. Exhausting monologues of a romantic writer. It is the main topic of the book – our little bizarre family is really poor – when Gwynplaine and Dea first meet him, Ursus gives them his only food, a bowl of potatoes and a little milk. Gwynplaine is actually a peer of England, which means he is one of the richest men in the world. Circumstances have thrown him in this extraordinary condition of being mutilated and work as a joker. He does not know yet about his maternal wealth, the inheritance after his father.

Despite being poor jokers, they live in happiness and peace. Everything changes, when they come to London, when Gwynplaine is going to face his fate.

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"Nikt się nie dowie, jeśli nikt nie powie"

Here are some of our comments on the spectacle we – class 3 a gymnasium- ourselves created and performed to you. We enjoyed it so much that just to remind you of it we would like to share with you our nice memories like a film presenting the music track of our performance and not only, some photos from the spectacle and naturally our posters  and the cast big photo and the programme… If you still remember it was for Peter , the boy suffering from leukemia, who you can once again  support .

Less than a month ago, our class performanced  a play for Peter.
I had a pleasure to play one of the students. so it was a lot of fun at the same time. Attempts were heavy and sometimes caused us many problems, but we hadn’t forgotten about the aim.
Rarely I played in the performances, so it was something new for me.
I would love to do it again! 
Oliwia Szwarc 3ag

I covered the trip guardian role and I'm really glad because of it. At the beginning my character was ordinary but with time it was getting more interesting thanks to changes which spontaneously came out on rehearsals. Finally, though a few short lines, boring but a little funny transformed the guide lady into a  kind of mystery.The entire spectacle had an amazing atmosphere and I absolutely  enjoyed it. And not only I -   I suppose.
I'm totally proud of our work. :D 
Karolina Sobczyńska 3 ag

I have played Kostryn’s role during our spectacle „Nikt się nie dowie, jeśli nikt nie powie”, but I think that  taking photos for  posters  and making costumes will be engraved  in my memory for a long time. It was an amazing experience which allowed me to see creating of the theatre perfomance from the backstage, M and I could make some important things by myself. 
Adrian Janicki 3ag

A tu link do fragmentu spektaklu, który warto zobaczyć :D :

A tu trochę zdjęć :) 

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